The Music

ECKSTOCK continues to be a truly village affair with a variety of games and activities to keep all the family occupied to the backdrop of live music performed by the best local talent! For the latest announcements please check us out on Facebook and don't forget to follow! Check out this years line-up!


1:00pm - Chimp On A Bike

The saviours of Eckstock 2019! Jumping in at the very last minute to help out, the Chimps are back and are the first band to play back to back slots after headlining last year. They are a 4 piece local band covering all the best classic rock and blues. With an emphasis on accuracy and plenty of volume and energy to match, you can rock out to all of your favourite songs the way we all remember them.

1:50pm - Anja & Liv

Anja & Liv are both aged 15. They met whilst in Little Shop of Horrors in 2017 within their drama group in Pershore, PODYS, and have been best friends ever since. They love singing individually, but especially together and they really hope you enjoy the songs they will be singing as they will definitely enjoy performing them for you.

2:20pm - The No-Good Nancys

The No-Good Nancys formed in the summer of 2013 for Open Mic at Theoc House in the heart of Tewkesbury and haven't looked back. Having performed various festivals, charity events, parties and weddings to date, we relish the cheeky practices and fun which comes when 8 enthusiasts gather to make music! Expect smiles, tunes, melodies, multiple harmonies, giggles and a lovely vibe to put you in a great mood.

3:10pm - Eckington First School

A group of talented and enthusiastic children from across the school age range who have come together to share some of their favourite songs. Funds from Eckstock continue to support the music programme in school and the stage provides an amazing opportunity for the children to perform to an audience.

3:35pm - Sky Redfern

Sky Redfern is a veteran of Eckstock. Now 15 she has been performing on the Eckington music stage since she was 7 years old. Always loving country rock she has sung in the past songs such as ‘Footloose’, ‘Telescope‘, ‘Personal Jesus’ and ‘I’m still Standing‘. She sang with her Eckington friends as part of ‘Four Foot Styx’ but now prefers the freedom and stage space of singing solo. She hopes to always perform upbeat rocking songs to get the audience on their feet!!

4:20pm - McDonagh and Roberts

Born in Huddersfield and Bristol, an unpredictable chain of events led to these musical powerhouses joining together for their first appearance together on stage here at Eckstock. Outstanding teachers, average singers; leads to a musical journey through an eclectic blend of tunes that span the decades. Miss them at your peril!

5:05pm - Ship Of Fools

Ship Of Fools are a local four-piece, charting a course through new and old-time Americana, blues and folk. The band launched last year with performances at Upton and Box Ukulele Festivals, but it’s not all about the ukuleles! Their Eckstock debut promises songs that pack a range of musical moods - a shot of verve, some oomph, and a little sensitivity. Perfect for an Eckington summer afternoon.

6:05pm - Empty Gestures

Empty Gestures are a rockin’ five-piece band who play an eclectic mix of indie, new wave, Britpop and classic rock guaranteed to get you on your feet.

7:05pm - Second Crossing

Are back! Eckstock veterans Second Crossing are a rock/pop covers band with villager Sara Bennett fronting, Andy on guitar, Tom on bass and standing in at the final hour Dave on drums. Covering a wide range of artists from Tina Turner to Black Sabbath, Second Crossing never disappoint. They will rock you!

8:00pm - The Brethryn

James and Dave perform as The Brethryn playing acoustic guitar and cajon. They are a well-established local band who perform a wide range of covers from the 60’s to the present day in their own authentic style. Moving seamlessly from Sinatra to Sheeran, Mumford to Monkees and a unique twist to a Disney classic. They are The Brethryn.

9:10pm - The Eckington Light Orchestra

As the lights went out on Eckstock 2018 a vision was forming through the Oranjeboom haze in Dan Butler’s mind. A dream of a new Eckington collective with musicians and singers plucked from the rich talent pool in the village, from Upper End to Lower End and everything in between. It would be a who’s who of guitar plucking, keyboard hammering, drum smashing and vocal harmonising. This super group would be like no other and to accommodate the sheer number of amps, keyboards and technical wizardry required to power up this epic monster would require an investment in four-way adaptors on a scale never seen before. This vision had a name: The Eckington Light Orchestra, and today they finally become a reality. The unmistakable songs of Jeff Lynne and his legendary ELO band will be brought to life here at Eckstock with more chords packed into each song than was ever thought possible. Get on your feet and singalong to these classic tunes and let yourself go wherever the music takes you. The Eckington Light Orchestra has arrived and we are delighted to have them headlining at Eckstock 2019!